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Off-piste with PRO-guides in Sochi (Freeride)

Ski resorts area of Krasnaya Polyana:
Roza Khutor, Alpika Service, Krasnaya Polyana Resort (ex. Gorky Gorod)

The group: 1 guide – max. 6 people.


Untouched snow, vertical drop to 1000 m, circuses, couloirs, snow fields, magical forest – all that is available starting from the cableways of Krasnaya Polyana resorts. Skiing or snowboarding with the guides of Russian Mountain Guides Association and Kyrgyzstan Mountain Guides Assosiation (a member of IFMGA) is the guarantee of your safety. The guides will choose the optimal descents for you considering your skiing/snowboarding rider skills level, snow conditions, weather forecast, the amount of regular tourists at slopes and lifts at the resorts and other terms and conditions. Your safety and comfortable skiing are our priorities. A mandatory part of the program is the avalanche safety briefing with avalanche equipment/kit using and demonstration and the rules of skiing/snowboarding in a guided off-piste freeride group.

You can define your skiing/snowboarding rider skills level using this link.


Freeride equipment rental price-list for program participants:

up to 3 days rental period (EUR)over 4 days rental period (EUR)
Backpack with avalanche system (ABS) + avalanche kit (avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel)4035
Backpack withOUT avalanche system + avalanche kit (avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel)1814
Avalanche kit (avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel)1412
Backpack withOUT avalanche system54
Backpack with avalanche system (ABS)3025
Avalanche transceiver108
Freeride Skis (Elan Ripstick 106)2018


One day of skiing/snowboarding:

— In a group up to 3 people — EUR 260 per group.
— In a group from 4 to 6 people — EUR 75 per person.

The price of half a day of skiing/snowboarding*
— In a group not over 3 people — EUR 220 per group
— In a group from 4 to 6 people — EUR 67 per person

* from 9 am till 1 pm

For ready groups from 4 to 6 people – 10% off.

Loyalty card discount – 10%

The booking conditions..

The price includes:

— a guide

The price does not include:
— avalanche equipment: an avalanche transceiver, a shovel, a probe;
— ski passes;
— insurance;
— lunch

Not allowed is skiing without avalanche equipment:
— an avalanche transceiver
— a shovel
— a probe

Recommended personal outfit:
— 3 layers of clothing (thermal underwear, fleece, and the upper layer of GoreTex or any other membrane with similar properties), comfortable for moving and work in all weather conditions;
— an additional warm layer of clothing (containing down or some other material);
— a 25-40 l backpack (better with the ABS system);
— ski/snowboard for freeride;
— a cap, a helmet, a buff/balaclava/bandana, a mask + a spare mask, gloves + spare gloves, sunglasses;
— sunscreen, protective lipstick;
— a first aid kit;
— telescopic poles.

We recommend you to use the services of our off-piste insurance partner.
To learn about the insurance options for freeriders


Booking conditions

– Upon confirmation of the Program by the Organizer, the Client pays a deposit of 50% of the full program price. In case of cancellations by the Client the deposit is not returned.
– If the Program is booked less than 24 hrs before its start, the Client pays the full price of the Program.
– The final payment is made not later than one day before the Program starts.
– In case of infringement of the payment terms, specified in clause 1 of the Agreement, the Client is not allowed to participate in the Program. The sum, specified in clause 1, is not returned in this case.
– The Client may withdraw from a previously booked participation in the program any time. The cancellations are accepted by email, sent to address The date of the cancellation is considered the date when the Organizer receives the emailed cancellation from the Client.
– In case of cancellation of the booking by the Client the Organizer has the right to recover the penalty:
• equal to the sum of the deposit in any period after the payment of the sum specified in clause 1 of the Agreement;
• 100% of the program price in less than one day before the Program starts.
Repayment of the remaining after deduction of the penalty amount to the Client is made during 7 working days from the moment of receiving the emailed cancellations.
– If the Client cancels his/her participation but in time (before the Program starts) finds another participant in his/her place in the group, and if a new client pays the full program price in time, then the deposit specified in clause 1 of the Agreement is returned to the Client. Repayment of the deposit amount to the Client is made during 7 working days from the moment when a new client pays the full program price.
– In case of the Client being late for over 15 min. to the place designated by the guide as a group gathering place, the Program is considered to be completed. In case of the Client`s absence, regardless its reasons, the Program is considered to be completed.
– The reduction of the duration of the Program by the Client`s wish, including the cause of fatigue, is not the reason for the change of the program price, returning the part of the price or/and shifting the dates of the Program.
– In case of cancellation of the Program by the Organizer (before the Program starts) for the reasons not depending on the Organizer (the closure of the resort where the program was planned, adverse weather conditions, high avalanche risk and the like) the Organizer of the Program is obliged to return the full amount received from the Client, during 7 (seven) working days.
– Removing the Client from the Program for giving false information, including his/her skiing/snowboarding level, or breaking the Off-piste Rules is not the reason for returning him/her the sum previously payed for the Program.

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