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How to define your skiing/snowboarding level?

This description will help you to identify you skiing/snowboarding level and choose an appropriate group. It is recommended to assess your capabilities realistically, so that you could get maximum pleasure and useful experience from a freeride program.


We are especially glad to meet you. Move forward, develop your skills, and we are ready to help you. Our guides will do their best to make your skiing/snowboarding comfortable and full of positive emotions, discoveries and impressions.
You feel confident on red and black pistes and have tried off-piste for several times. As a rule, it means not touched classical broad smooth slopes with the angle not more than 30 degrees and shallow snow in comfortable condition (powder, spring sliding snow). At that, you objectively feel that you need to improve your off-piste technique for more comfortable skiing/snowboarding. You have some difficulties with long descents without stops. You prefer to break a long descent into some intervals to catch your breath. It is highly undesirable for you to descend in narrow couloirs, forest areas, on hard icy slopes, knolls and drifts. Descents on deep or heavy wet and sticky snow, or on ice crust, as well as with bad, flat visibility are rather difficult for you and lead to frequent falls. You try to avoid slopes with an angle of more than 40 degrees.


You have considerable off-piste experience. You feel confident in narrow couloirs and on slopes with varying degrees of relief. You control your speed and can adapt your technique to the terrain and snow conditions, whether it is a hard icy slope with the angle of 40 degrees, deep snow, forest, or piste. Skiing/snowboarding on knolls, ice crust, or heavy wet snow, as well as with zero visibility, is a technical problem for you.


The snow condition does not matter for you: ice crust, heavy wet snow, or hard and icy zones with drifts. You control your speed and adapt your technique to any terrain, visibility and snow conditions. The angle of the slope over 45 degrees means even more fun for you. Knolls, ice crust, frequent forest are not a problem for you but the elements of interesting and various skiing/snowboarding.

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