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Mountain trips with overnight stay is truly an unforgettable adventure. We have prepared for you a lot of programs with one, two and even three nights. Every time you go deep into the Caucasian reserve, to touch the real treasures of nature of the Caucasus. A professional guide will be ensuring your safety on each route. He will tell you a lot of interesting things about the surrounding mountain world of the reserve. Read the description of the programs and choose the one suitable for you. From easy trekking to the mountain lake with an overnight stay in the Chalet until climbing one of the legendary peaks of the Caucasus. On some routes we may pass all or part of the way on horseback, and also getting them to get our equipment to the camp. All you need is to choose the program and the option of “All inclusive” or “With your own”. The first means that we provide you with all necessary gear: tent, Mat, sleeping bag, trekking poles, a set of camp cookware, a headlamp and a backpack. Food, gas, utensils for cooking included in any version of the program. It means that all you need to take is clothes. Shoes, apropos, can be rented. Option “With your own” is for those who have all the necessary equipment. But if something is missing, then again, you can use rental.

Booking a trip with an overnight stay in the mountains, online or by email:

The programs given on the site are the standard product of the Yeti Guide Bureau. You are always welcome to order an individual program of any duration and complexity. For detailed information, please, contact us by phone or email.